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A worldwide Supplier of High-Quality Wood Products

If you have a keen desire to buy the quality wood from the Wood suppliers in Germany, Europe and Africa get in touch with estdiamongroup.com to get the best value for your investment. Our entire wood stock is filled with the quality European beech timber. You can buy also buy the complete range of quality tested wood materials with us, a prominent Wood supplier in Europe and Africa.

Our stock of wood products


We have a large stock of African woods and European woods. We are one of the most prominent wood suppliers in the market.


We have a huge selection of ply wood in stock. For Plywood Specification, Diameter, Grade, Measurements, Quality, and other details contact us.


Leading supplier of rough sawn lumber, selling full-dimensional lumber to wood flooring manufacturers.


We thoroughly inspects each wood pallet to ensure that it is up to our standards and provides value to your business.


In addition to lumber, firewood, Plywood, and wood chips, We also produces charcoal for sale.


We have a huge selection of African and European wood burl in stock. We have them in various wood species.


We manufacture, export and distribute a wide variety of paper products all around the world. As one of the best A4 copy paper manufacturers..

Oak Timber:

You can buy edged and non edged Oak timber with variable widths and appropriate cut-to-size dimensions for furniture and flooring industries.

Lime Timber:

If you are willing to buy quality Lime Timber and trying to get the best deal with the best hardwood Company in Sweden, you are at an accurate place. You can easily buy the Lime Timber with accurate dimensions on your demand.

Poplar Timber:

Poplar timber is the most necessary for the various manufacturing industries like paper, plywood, furniture frames, and crates. A complete stock is available to buy the poplar wood online at low price.

Beech Timber:

European beech timber is the world famous for its versatilities. Such kind of timber is often used to produce many products like furniture, interior furnishing, carving, stairs, plywood, and many kinds of tools and toys.

We have a large stock of African woods and European woods. We are one of the most prominent wood suppliers in Sweden. We have a complete range of wood with the various varieties like Oak, Lime, Beach, Poplar, Ash & Birch. Sweden timber suppliers can provide you with a large stock of European beech timber with the lowest cost and high-quality standards.